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Dear Prospective Community or Corporate Partner,

We appreciate you for your interest in becoming a part of the 2015 Helping Boys Thrive Summit in Denver, CO.

To be a part of a corporate/community sponsored and developed programming that reaches our audience of those dedicated to raising awareness and spreading education concerning the livelihood of boys, is a great endeavor to take on. We are on a mission to truly understand how to speak to, engage, and help nurture a broad awareness of the issues facing young men with the leaders within the communities we serve.

The Summit is a call to action and innovative approach to educating on the needs of our male youth. We empower our audience through knowledge and the art developing a new way of dealing with our sons. We believe we share a passion with you and your entity and we thank you for your pending participation.

As a unique and innovative leader in Denver and within the US, it is our hope that you will consider becoming a Helping Boys Thrive Partner & Sponsor. Your partnership is a great opportunity to give back to the community, increase your visibility as a business or organization and reach a broader audience.

Please explore to see which sponsorship level works best for your corporation or organization.

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Vendor spaces are now full. Thank you for your interest.




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