Robert Franklin II, MPA

robertfrankliniiRobert Franklin II, MPA

Driven to provide new and inclusive opportunities for young people, Robert Franklin, II has spent 14 years impacting 
youth in the Denver Metro area, first with Denver Parks and Recreation and currently with Colorado State 
University Extension in Denver. In his work, Robert has been part of nationally recognized works in diversity and urban youth programming.

Title of Session: So Now What? A Call to Action.

After the presentation from Michael Gurian, and the compliments of breakout sessions from passionate community members and professionals. It is time to take action. Blending and building from what we have learned, and the connections we have made at the Denver HBTS, this session we will incent the next steps toward helping boys we work and live with, thrive.

Questions that will be address:

Who is working with boys now that has a program with sustainable capacity building characteristics?

What kinds of actionable goals will be supported and incented?

What role will Colorado State University Extension play in supporting the programs who wish to take this work to the next level?

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