Dr. Alec Baker

AlecMug2-e1337370225123Dr. Alec Baker

Dr. Alec Baker is a clinical psychologist with a focus in sports and family issues. His practice is in Denver and Littleton and he specializes in working with youth athletes who are struggling with mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

Title of Workshop: What can you do to help your child reach their full potential as an athlete/performer?

This workshop will focus on how parents are an essential part of the system that helps produce outstanding athletes. They provide the emotional and logistical support that all top tier performers need. This presentation is designed to clearly state tools for effective sport parenting and discuss how parents can help balance sports and family life.

Questions that will be address:

What can I do to help my child reach their full potential as an athlete/performer?

How can I foster a balance between my child’s sports and family life?


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