Ken Grimes

ken_grimesKen Grimes

Mr. Grimes has over thirty years experience working in education and youth development. He began as education coordinator for a program that transformed the lives of multiple felony offenders and was replicated nationally. Through the Denver 4-H program, he utilized rites of passage for gang prevention and intervention in a program that was showcased in several other states.

Title of Session: Rites of Passage: Learning from Men How to become a Responsible Man

Rites of Passage as a means to teach values and encourage responsibility to “the community” has been utilized for hundreds of years. There is a natural urge for young males to take risks, to challenge the status quo, to prove oneself amongst peers and those who are seen as having already crossed the threshold into relevant manhood. Positive rites of passage can become an adventurous journey to responsible citizenship.

Questions that will be address:

What rites of passage still exist in urban societies?

What are ways to bring ancient teachings forward into today’s society?

Why are rites of passage especially effective for youth with a propensity to join gangs?


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