Why the Urgency?

While the need for the Summit grows, the founders believe, from disturbing trends in the social development of boys today, the Summit itself can also be a celebration of the vitality and uniqueness of boys and young men. The reasons demonstrated below plus more are why we initiate a day of action with the Helping Boys Thrive Summits.


Welcome to Colorado. One of seven states in the country where district attorneys can unilaterally decide when to criminally prosecute kids as adults.  — click here to read more


autismAutism (including Asperger syndrome) appears to be more common among boys than girls. This could be because of genetic differences between the sexes, or that the criteria used to diagnose autism are based on the characteristics of male behavior. However, our understanding is far from complete, and this will remain the case until we know more about the causes of autism.










It is time to engage, explore and educate ourselves on the risk that young men face today. Join Us June 12, 2015 in Denver, CO.

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