Guest Presenters

Breakout Sessions and Presenters

1) Wired For Survival: The Social and Emotional Brain Development of Male Teenagers – Craig A. Knippenberg, LCSW

2)Working with the strengths of ADHD. – Nathaniel Ellison, MA


3)Playground design with every child in mind! – Noelle Roni Gebre-Mariam


4) How to design classrooms and school cultures that work for boys.- Dr. Dedrick J. Sims


5)Addressing misconceptions of non-traditional fathers, while there is a fatherless trend in America we are not far from fatherFULL.  – Benzel Jimmerson


6) What can you do to help your child reach their full potential as an athlete/performer?- Dr. Alec Baker


7)What is intuitive listening and how does it impact communication with your youth? – Amy Brady


8)Lessons learned from raising an adopted son who lost his mother at three. – Stephanie Riggs


9) Strategies for engaging boys that can me implemented today! – Dakota Hoyt


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