Questions the Summit Can Answer?

If these kinds of questions are being asked in your community, this summit might be just the right vehicle for awareness, education, growth and the initiation of social change:

  •  What do boys need and how are boys needed in their world?
  •  Why are boys falling behind in so many aspects of life, including school?
  •  What is normal development of a boy from infancy to college age?
  •  What do boys specifically need from moms and dads as they develop?
  •  What are the best ways for counselors and therapists to work with males?
  •  What do boys need from their faith communities? 
  •  How can we best protect the emotional lives of boys and young men?
  •  What do boys need from grandparents and other mentors?
  •  What rites of passage are needed for boys?
  •  How do we best deal with bullying and most effectively end male violence?

The founders of the Helping Boys Thrive Summit ™ will focus the program on boys, but we believe this work is not just about boys—it is also about girls. We are now in an era in which girls’ and women’s rights will not move to their next level of social success until we solve the issues boys also face.  One gender will not flourish without the flourishing of the other, as noted in history.


The psychological disposition of our young men has rendered this new generation of women powerless to nurture and bring forth the level of femininity that is needed to balance our men. Who is going to heal who? Something has to give.

-Phoenix K. Jackson, HBT Event Manager, Mental Health Professor


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