We are proud to offer a Membership subscription service to educators, parents, mentors, and others who work with boys and girls.

We are at a time when brain science can help us revolutionize how we teach, raise, and mentor our children.  I love speaking in your communities, schools, and conferences, and I love our email and social media contact.  This subscription service allows me to communicate directly with you to help build our revolution.  Please spread the word in your communities so we can advance our common cause–ensuring the success and wellness of our children–wherever we are.

There are two tiers for membership.


The First Tier ($10.00 per month):

*I will provide you with video clips twice a month that you can easily download to your I Device, Smartphone, or computer.  In these videos, I will explore themes and strategies important to educators, parents, and mentors of boys and girls.

*I will also provide you with two podcasts per month on topics of importance, starting with issues and strategies regarding educating and raising boys, then issues and strategies regarding educating and raising girls.

*You will receive our Gurian Institute newsletters and blogs.

*You will be able to interact with other Gurian Community members via a “Community” link on our host site.


The Second Tier ($20.00 per month)

*You will receive everything listed in Tier 1.

*My team and I will provide answers to your questions privately, if you wish, and/or for the whole group, whichever you prefer. You can ask me your questions at michaelgurian@comcast.net.

*You will receive Learning and Growth Tools from me that will help you individualize the newest science for yourself, your family, and your school.


Please Sign Up Via This Link at https://www.patreon.com/user?u=7827875

Thank you for joining our Gurian Community!


Dr. Michael Gurian