This webpage hopes to fill a need expressed by conference planners and policy makers who have asked Michael Gurian and The Gurian Institute to provide feedback information concerning Dr. Gurian’s books and lectures, and also the general application of nature-based research in our communities.  To fill this need the Gurian Institute has begun to collect this feedback information.

We are honored by the institutions and individuals who have had success applying nature-based and brain-based theory to their work and lives.  Some previous success stories appear on other pages of The Gurian Institute and in books by Michael Gurian.  We hope now to provide further stories and comments on this webpage as they come in.

Together, we are forming a community of nature-based thinkers and practitioners. See “A New Social Theory”.  Dr. Gurian and The Gurian Institute staff are deeply grateful that so many of you are working to keep human nature in the forefront of community, family and professional life-decisions.  Thanks to all!

Success Stories:


From Professionals and Institutions

I am a member of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County NC Board of Education.  I just completed your book THE MINDS OF BOYS, and have found it very interesting and applicable to what we are facing in our district.  I have asked our Superintendent to purchase your book for every board member and member of his senior leadership team.  I hope that in reading the book, our school leaders will feel as I do that we need to implement many of the strategies you recommend.  Thanks for writing such a good book and inspiring me to push this issue to the forefront in our district.

— Buddy Collins, Esq.
Winston-Salem Board of Education

WHAT COULD HE BE THINKING? deserves to be read by every man and woman who wants to understand why men are the way they are.

— Jed Diamond, Author of MALE MENOPAUSE

“I intend to put (THE SOUL OF THE CHILD) on my reading list as soon as my term ends on January 13th.  It was good to meet you, and both Sharon and I enjoyed your comments very much.”

— John A. Kitzhaber, M.D., Governor of Oregon

“I work as a Senior Outreach Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I have been a professional trainer for my department (Professional Development and Applied Studies) in the division of Continuing Studies for 11 years…. “Eight years ago, my husband and I adopted our miracle baby boy.  I happened to see your book THE WONDER OF BOYS at the University Bookstore.  After I read it, I was on fire!  I started making it required reading when teaching core AODA summer institute classes for teachers from around the state.  As your other books came out I gave teacher/counselors a choice but still required they read at least ONE of your books…I am such a firm believer in bringing science, experience and intuitive knowledge together…It’s exciting to bring together the research on brain based gender differences, the neuroscience of addiction and brain development in adolescents and to how this translates into behavior!  The teachers and counselors love it.”

— Flo Hilliard, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“While on a recent visit to the United States, I came across a copy of BOYS AND GIRLS LEARN DIFFERENTLY!  Having begun to read it, I am aware it is an area of upcoming research and development in the British educational system.  It is something I have become very interested in
through my experience as a primary school teacher.”

— Peter Roberts, England

I have just finished WHAT COULD HE BE THINKING? and would like to commend you for an excellent and helpful book.  I will recommend it to my friends, my parishioners and my colleagues.

— Pastor Thomas LaMothe, Greenport, N.Y.

I just wanted to personally thank you for your wonderful work, WHAT COULD HE BE THINKING?.  As a licensed therapist who has been working with individuals and couples for 20 years, I am grateful to have your work as reference for my clients.  I now have a substantial and easy to understand book for my clients to back up what I have been teaching for years!

— Sharyn Higdon Jones, Therapist

“I am writing in my dual capacity as Director of Studies and Chair of the Gender, Learning and Teaching Work Group at The Webb Schools in Claremont, CA.  We have embarked on an exciting journey this year as we have critically examined our own practices in light of recent developments in the areas of brain-based teaching and learning.  Our collective exploration began with a close look at your book, BOYS AND GIRLS LEARN DIFFERENTLY!  It set the stage quite nicely for interlocking our two Work Groups in several instances as the year unfolded.”

— Daren Starnes, Director of Studies, The Webb Schools

“I am a psychologist from Turkey, and I recently read Michael Gurian’s book,BOYS AND GIRLS LEARN DIFFERENTLY!”  The book contains important findings and knowledge in brain research, and will have important contributions to our educational system.”

— Dr. Gunseli Oral, Akdeniz University

“I am an Australian teacher with 20 years experience in high schools.  I am currently working in primary schools on special projects to improve the educational outcomes for boys at risk.  In my research I found your book listed on the net and promptly ordered it.  I have only just begun reading but already it is confirming things I have believed in the past and findings from the action research I have been conducting.”

— Deb Tregilgas, Australia

“I am a teacher in Ottowa, Canada.  I loved BOYS AND GIRLS LEARN DIFFERENTLY! and believe strongly in its validity and philosophical statements.  I am currently enrolled in a teacher additional qualification course in Special Education….and I hope to bring (the book’s) message to (my colleague’s) attention.”

— Christine Blahout, Canada

“For over 11 years I have been writing a weekly article on parents and children for the major newspaper in the Northern Kentucky area.  I often cite your work as reference—that’s how much I believe in and value your work….I just finished THE SOUL OF THE CHILD and found great affirmation in it as a parent, a professional, and as a person of faith.  Thanks for taking the risk.”

— Gayle Holten, National Trainer with the
Nurturing Programs for Parents and Children, Cincinnati

“I am teaching preschool now, 3 year olds 3 days a week.  Particularly with the boys I am putting into practice some of the things you have suggested.  I have had great success with never using time-out so far this year, but instead redirecting or at times having a boy sit on my lap until he decides he can rejoin a group without hitting/pushing.  We have the benefit of a HUGE room with 12 kids—so there’s plenty of room to spread out.”

— Betsy Flagler, columnist and teacher

“I am a first year high school biology teacher in Colorado.  I just began readingTHE WONDER OF GIRLS and am completely riveted by it, partly because I was once a girl and partly because I am a science geek and see many learning opportunities for my students.  I am tempted to have them read parts of the book….I would like for them to have a chance to learn more about their brains and what is happening to them at this stage of their lives.”

— Margaret Berglund, Colorado

“I have had an absolutely great time sharing this information with my high school students. They have done surveys about relationships and expectations that yielded some really great results…right in line with male/female brain details…very relevant, very compelling for them!”

— Patricia St. Germain, Colorado


From Parents

I have read The Wonder of Boys and The Wonder of Girls twice each!  As an educator and mom I think these books are the essentials in how to raise and educate children.  I think they should be sent home with new mothers as required reading!

— Sheri Matz, McAllen TX.

am grateful and also moved by the amazing work of the Gurian Institute.This post addressing the issue of suicide is proof that what you continue to provide our communities is of great value to all, even life-saving. Thank you!

–Kristian Orozco

Thank you for continuing to contribute in critical ways to the development of children.  I’ve given your book, THE GOOD SON, to my children as a guide to raising their kids, and have given it to friends as gifts. Your work makes a huge contribution to our society.

— Mary Benson

I want to tell you how WONDERFUL your book THE MINDS OF BOYS has been and I’ve only read the first few chapters (3 kids, I’m exhausted at night).  Great scientific data to back up your findings, I absolutely love it and am recommending it to all of my friends with boys.

— Kelli, Atlanta, January 2006

I’m not the type of person who emails authors on a regular basis, but I just wanted to let you know about the thoughtful discussion your book, THE WONDER OF BOYS, has had on my circle of friends.

— Ann, Wisconsin

I am raising my 13 year old daughter and reading THE WONDER OF GIRLS. What a terrific insight into how she is “ticking” at this point in her life!  our relationship is better the last few weeks since I started this book that in the past six months.  Thank you for that!

— Theresa, Spokane

I was so lucky that my mom purchased your book, THE WONDER OF GIRLS for me, in order to help me learn to “parent ” my daughter (she’s just 2 now….) I have been fascinated at every page and word of your book so far and there have been times where I have just sat and cried because so many things make sense to me now regarding my upbringing and childhood.  I am so happy that with this arsenal of information you have provided I (and everyone I have referred this book too) can change the course of our daughters lives.  More importantly as a woman it has taught me about me…my cycle, my hormones and its many affects.   As a woman who is about to be 31, I and numerous friends find our bodies and “mental states” have changed significantly! The “puzzle” has been somewhat put together now from what I have learned in your book regarding the brain, hormones, our cycle  and it’s stages and the vast bio chemistry of it all.

— Christie Ann, Sarasota, Florida

“I want you to know how much I liked A FINE YOUNG MAN.  My Ryan is 14….What I appreciate the most was your courage to express the thoughts and feelings of the boy/man.  And not just the generalities, but your own personal experiences.  I had several “AHA!” moments when things just fell into place and enlightenment occurred.  Thank you for giving me those epiphanies.  They are rare and precious.”

— Sue, Seattle, WA

“My husband and I are Baha’is living on the island of Grenada.  We love your book, THE GOOD SON.  It is truly one of the wisest and most helpful parenting books that we have read in a long time.  What a wonderful service you have provided for parents everywhere.”

— Negin, Grenada

THE WONDER OF GIRLS was an answer to my prayers, and gives me so much to be thankful for.”

— Penny, Rockville, VA

My husband and I are reading your book THE WONDER OF GIRLS and both find it truly thought provoking and informative.  Although we are reading it as parents of a four and six year old, it is also shedding light on our relationship.

— Sina Pradel

“I just finished your wonderful book, THE SOUL OF THE CHILD, and I am moved to write to thank you and your family for bringing so many people such caring and insightful work.”

— Lynne

“Thanks for the great book, THE SOUL OF THE CHILD.  I have a 27 and 7 year old sons, and it is very helpful in assisting me as a parent in nurturing their souls/spirits as well as understanding other adults and children.  I have no other books that have been as helpful as this one.”

— Terri

“I have recommended THE GOOD SON to so many people.  In fact, a close (but usually cynical) teacher friend read the book and said it should be ‘required reading’ for all new teachers!”

— Susan, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I have read A FINE YOUNG MAN and thought it was wonderful.  I have an 11 year old boy who is definitely going through puberty.  I find myself running to re-read many parts of the book and feel very re-assured that I have a much better understanding of what is going on and how to handle it.  If it were not for your book, I think I would be an emotional wreck!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this resource and for giving me the tools to help this young man I love more than anything in the world.

— Nina
From Mentors & Community Members

I have been dating a wonderful man for about a year and a half, but I would not appreciate and respect him the way I do—I would not see the wonder in him—had it not been for reading your book, What Could He Be Thinking?  I’ve read it thoroughly at least twice, and I’ve re-read certain sections numerous times.  Thanks to you, I love my boyfriend more, and I love him “better.” I also feel more capable of loving and understanding men, in general, (even in the work place and in my family).

— J.P., Lansing, Michigan

I want you to know I have not read a book in my fifty one years of being in relationship with men that has helped me more than “What Could He Be Thinking?“.  I hope many women will have the courage to ask their husbands to read it also.

— Sarah, Michigan

I just read “What Could He Be Thinking?“.  I don’t know what to say other than:  spellbinding, fascinating, phenomenal.  My wife and I are currently separated and in marriage counseling.  Your book helped me gain immeasurable insight and greater sensitivity into how women function and how they interact with men, and how I function in that picture.  This book should be on the required reading list for all couples, whatever their current status.”

— T.L., Buffalo

I just finished “What Could He Be Thinking?” and thought it was a fascinating read. Thank you for translating your years of experience, expertise and studies into accessible english. Men as well as women can benefit from this book because when men read it, they too will have a deeper understanding of their own reactions and the expectations women have of them, and just may be able to adjust somewhat or display more patience with women in general. Thanks again for a wonderful book.

— Ebi Bozimo, Atlanta, GA

I am immensely enjoying What Could He Be Thinking? and recommending it to all my female friends!

— Mary B

Michael’s book, THE WONDER OF GIRLS, saved my life and sanity.  It showed me how to protect myself.  Thank you so much.

— Cora, Greece

“I am a Big Brother to a young man who at present is 16.  We have been matched since he was 13.  The relationship is very strong, and your principles and insights on a boy’s development have been crucial to the success of the match.”

— Glenn

“I am currently reading your book, A FINE YOUNG MAN.  I have a twelve year old son.  Your book is poignant and filled with wise advice. “I am the committee Chairman for my local Boy Scouts of America Troop.  I believe your book to be invaluable for all parents.”

— Mark

“I am a former 1st and 2nd grade teacher.  My classroom teaching career was brief as I chose to become a “full time Mom” after my first son was born. However, my passion for educating children has lead me to continue my own personal study of trends and innovations in education as I raise my two young sons.  Your books have been among the highlights of my continued inquiry into raising and educating children.  I have read THE WONDER OF BOYSTHE GOOD SON and BOYS AND GIRLS LEARN DIFFERENTLY!…When I discovered THE WONDER OF BOYS it was a godsend to me and my interest in understanding the unique and wonderful natures of both boys and girls has only increased.”

— Lori, Seattle