Dakota Winds, LLC – Colorado Springs, Colorado – Home of the Gurian Institute’s Training Division. Toll Free: 719 -671-3720

Gary Plep – Los Gatos, CA – Colleague of Michael Gurian. Groups, Individual therapy, based on similar philosophy.  www.mensgroups.com

Terry Trueman – Spokane, Washington – co-author with Michael Gurian. Provides training and lectures on Boys and Girls Learn Differently! and other topics. www.terrytrueman.com

Hear Michael Gurian on Family Matters Radio – (Podcast) – Part One &  Part Two.

For an alternative theory of gender and biology, see the theory of Sergey Geodakyan, Ph.D. at  www.geodakian.com.   See Michele Borba at www.micheleborba.com as well as at www.moralintelligence.com.  Michele Borba offers guidance to parents and teachers in providing moral intelligence and character education.

BBC Human Body & Mind  – Figure out where you fit on the gender/brain spectrum.

Alan Rinzler – Free lance editor, Alan Rinzler, is a mentor and wonderful editor.  www.alanrinzler.com

Tracy Russell – Father’s Day video from evolution of dad film project. www.evolutionofdad.com

MirrorMan Films – “Journeyman” – a Documentary by MirrorMan Films. www.mirrormanfilms.org

Boys and Schools – This new organization is at the forefront of school reform. www.boysandschools.org

Samantha May – Samantha May has created a masters program in neuro education, with emphasis on gender. mysmnth @yahoo.com. 

Ann Anzalone – Educator Ann Anzalone is an enthusiastic teacher of brain based research. www.annanzalone.com

Amen Clinics – Colleagues specializing in brain research and brain imaging. www.amenclinics.com

Calm Clinic – Resource website for fighting anxiety. www.calmclinic.com

The Leadership Code –  For a powerful new book on leadership, see www.leadershipcodebook.com.

Making a Good Brain Great –  High School Curriculum by Daniel G. Amen and Jesse Paynet.  More information

360 Education Solutions – Professional Development and Continuing Education courses for teachers. More Information

The Boys Project – The Boys Project helps young males develop their capabilities.  www.boysproject.net

The Women’s Resource Agency – Colorado Springs, Colorado – www.wrainc.org.

Masters Degree in School Psychology – EducationHub.org

A teacher decides to keep kids moving.  Check out Belly Laugh Day. www.bellylaughday.com

ICA Journeys – Bothell, Washington – Rite of Passage Journeys – www.icajourneys.org.

The Washington Ethical Society – The Washington Ethical Society, in Washington D.C., has created a state-of-the-art rite of passage program for teens – www.ethicalsociety.org.

Innerlandscape – Provides accredited online courses for professionals, including a course on THE WONDER OF BOYSwww.innerlandscape.com.

Rites of Passage in Australia – We cater to over 60 schools and we also cater for kids at risk and corporate groups. Click here.
Visionary Fiction – A new genre of thinking – www.visionaryfiction.org.

For The Love Of Kids – Parent Coaching and other resources available at www.fortheloveofkids.com & www.beechacres.org.

Eva’s Song By Michael Gurian (with Eva Lassman, survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and Maidanek) http://www.yellowcandles.org/index.php/literature-poetry-and-readings/evas-song