Psychology Today: We Owe to Our Sons What We’ve Given Our Daughters

Boys are not men; they are children, and they need our attention now.

USA Today: Boys Need a Purpose in Life

Author Michael Gurian is the father of two daughters, but he says society has paid too much attention to girls, and now it’s the boys’ turn.

Kelley Ward HubPages: Parenting Boys: What Boys Need From Moms

Most moms would do anything to enhance their child’s quality of life. Even with this great level of devotion, many moms of boys admit raising boys is both a joy and a challenge.

Toledo Blade: Boys and girls don’t learn the same ways

Even when its owner is bored, a normal female human’s brain is active, with electronic scans showing blips of energy scattered throughout. A “resting” male brain, by contrast, is virtually inactive except for the part that regulates bodily systems.

Washington Post: More Schools Trying Separation of the Sexes

Proponents of same-sex schooling argue that girls and boys are too often shortchanged by coed classrooms and that students from lower-income families deserve access to learning environments once exclusive to private schools. Advocates also cite emerging research that indicates gender differences in brains and cognitive development.

Newsweek: The Trouble With Boys

They’re kinetic, maddening and failing at school. Now educators are trying new ways to help them succeed.

ASCD Educational Leadership: Teaching to the Minds of Boys

Is something wrong with the way we’re teaching boys? One elementary school thought so and decided to implement boy-friendly strategies that produced remarkable results.


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