Gurian Institute

Gurian Institute

More than 60,000 teachers have been trained in the Institute’s programs and interventions, from more than 2,000 schools, with some of those schools becoming “GI Model Schools.”  We provide the critical training missing from most post-secondary education related to how boys and girls learn differently. 

Data Matters: When addressing data and gaps associated with race, socioeconomic status and/or language background, it is critical to examine the role gender plays in patterns of achievement, classroom management, and student engagement. This  training is not a new curriculum. Its holistic nature grows from its fidelity to all three fundamental areas of child development: nature, nurture, and culture. It builds understanding of boys and girls in all settings: curricular, extra-curricular, and behavioral areas.

GET READY TO: Increase student engagement, Increase teacher effectiveness, Provide best practices for literacy and STEM, Decrease gender gaps related to academics, Decrease behavior-related gender gaps,Understand & manage relational aggression among girls, Increase social-emotional skills among boys to reduce bullying.

Platinum Sponsor: Arizona Department of Health Services

The Arizona Department of Health Services promotes and protects the health of Arizona’s children and adults.



Its mission is to set the standard for personal and community health through direct care, science, public policy, and leadership.  The Department operates programs in behavioral health, disease prevention and control, health promotion, community public health, environmental health, maternal and child health, emergency preparedness and regulation of childcare and assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals, other health care providers and emergency services.


Gold Sponsor: First Things First 

First Things First is one of the critical partners in creating a family-centered, comprehensive, collaborative and high-quality early childhood system that supports the development, health and early education of all Arizona’s children birth through age five.

logo_FTF_taglineIn November 2006, in a statistical landslide, Arizona voters passed Proposition 203; a citizen’s initiative that funds quality early childhood development and health.

Designed to be a voluntary system of early care and education, Proposition 203 included the following principles:


  • Local communities must come together to plan and administer what works best in their community.
  • It must be flexible enough to accommodate the unique demographics of our state.
  • It must be transparent and held accountable for outcomes.


 Silver Sponsor: AZMen

AZMEN was established to ensure that male voices and actions are in support of the women and children in our communities.


AZMEN is an organization of men who have led by example. AZmen members are selected based on their integrity, commitment, values and ethics.
We are committed to creating and supporting programs that provide assistance for the safety needs of women and children.
We are engaged in issues that support most vulnerable populations and their well being. We will engage in issues holding others accountable for their actions to take responsibility. We will stand for safe communities statewide.
We recognize our responsibility to raise mentors and act as role models for the next generation of AZmen. We will be steadfast in the effort to protect women and children. We will redefine what it means to represent the name and reputation of the state of Arizona. We are AZMEN

Bronze Sponsor: Community of Grace

Community of Grace seeks to reflect the face of grace through the kind of community we build together.


They are committed to being a part of the mission of God–bringing life, hope, justice, friendship, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, kindness, mercy and grace to the world.

They do this in various ways from financial support of various organizations to quarterly Make a Difference Days where the congregation gets out into the community to serve, to their Luminaries Ministry that provide meals to families in times of need to missions trips to various parts of the world.