Why Boys?

Our boys need us now in ways they have not before …

They are being raised in a very complex world and many of their support systems and developmental frameworks have crumbled. As we bring our passionate attention to boys today, and come together to nurture, support, and educate them well, we give a gift not only to them, but to our families, communities, and culture. I hope you will agree that it is time for a coordinated grassroots effort to help our sons.  Let’s do this together with summits and outreach that positively alter the cultural landscape for our sons.

 Michael Gurian, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Wonder of Boys
and featured speaker at the Arizona Helping Boys Thrive Summit

Parents and professionals today can sense the hunger in boys for innovative parenting and effective education. In nearly every academic and behavioral marker, boys and young men are struggling. While some males get to the top of corporations and government quite well, millions of males are not thriving. In your own community, you may have felt a need to study and positively affect the developmental journey of our boys. In every community, we are seeing more and more boys who need our help, and want us to engage with them in successful ways.

Did you know?  

  • Boys make up 80% of school discipline referrals
  • Boys are four and a half more times likely to be expelled from preschool
  • 80% of children in schools on Ritalin are boys
  • 80% of children in school 10-19 who commit suicide are boys
  • Boys receive two-thirds of the D’s and F’s on school report cards

-Statistics above taken from THE MIND OF BOYS,
by Michael Gurian

Communities are asking these kinds of questions … 

  • What do boys need and how are boys needed in their world?
  •  Why are boys falling behind girls so severely in so many aspects of life, including school?
  •  What is normal development of a boy from infancy to college age?
  •  What do boys specifically need from moms and dads, grandparents, and mentors as they develop?
  •  What are the best ways for counselors and therapists to work with males?
  •  What part can faith communities play in the lives of boys?  
  •  How can we best protect the emotional lives of boys and young men?
  •  What rites of passage are needed by boys in order for them to become compassionate and successful men? 
  •  How do we best deal with bullying and most effectively end male violence?
  • What do boys need in order to thrive?
  • What can we do in order to help them?

There are answers!  

Helping Boys Thrive® is a positive, life affirming, science based, and practically focused grassroots movement that brings together professionals, educators, and community leaders who are working with boys and young men to change the storyline by providing the right vehicle for growth and social change.

The annual Arizona Helping Boys Thrive Summit® will answer these questions and provide solutions you can implement immediately.  Keynote speaker, Michael Gurian, New York Times bestselling author of twenty eight books published in twenty-two languages, including the groundbreaking male development trilogy, THE WONDER OF BOYS, THE MINDS OF BOYS, and THE PURPOSE OF BOYS will talk about the issues faced by boys and young men in our complex world, and present solutions to help them.  The Gurian Institute, conducts research internationally, launches pilot programs and trains professionals.  Co-founder of the national Helping Boys Thrive Initiative, Michael travels to dozens of communities every year to help catalyze social change on behalf of children.

What about our girls?

We believe this work is not just about boys—it is also about girls. We are now in an era in which girls and women’s rights will not move to their next level of social success until we solve the issues boys face. Michael Gurian, co-founder of Helping Boys Thrive® and father of two daughters, recently noted, “Our genders are utterly interdependent and the disturbing loss of our males is beginning to significantly harm our females as well.”

Celebrating together … 

While the need for the Summit grows, based on the disturbing trends in the social development of boys today, the Summit itself can also be a celebration of the vitality and uniqueness of boys and young men.

This is a day to focus on boys’ development and enjoy boy energy and the resilience and vision of our boys and young men.